I found a cockroach in my 9 month old’s mouth yesterday.  Not a leg, not an antenna, the whole nasty thing.  My husband was quick to phone-console my crying self and said in some countries cockroaches are a food choice.  I can’t stop gagging.

My son is fine (after his massive scrub down) and I’m going around making sure all the holes in our house are stuffed with steel wool.  During the scrub down, after the mildly-inspiring words for my husband, I was comforted knowing my house is pretty  much chemical-free.  I’ve always heard cockroaches are like the shrimp of the land–scouring the dirt for whatever they can eat–full of more nasty nastyness.  But since I make my own cleaning products, I can guess that whatever was in that cockroach besides it’s own innards, was non-toxic.  It’s a stretch, but it’s something.


under my kitchen sink

under my kitchen sink



General Cleaner:

3c hot water 
4T. vinegar
1/4 t. castile liquid soap-I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint
2t. Borax
2T lemon juice-optional
1t. tea tree oil-optional

Window Cleaner:

4c. water
2T vin
1/2 t. castile soap

On wood floors I use 1:1 water:vinegar with essential oils (about 10 drops per spray bottle) with a microfiber cloth.
On tile floors I use 16:1 water:vinegar with essential oils 

Soft scrub (for kitchen sink, tub, counter stains):
sprinkle baking soda 
small dab of castile soap–enough to make a frosting like paste
scrub with a regular sponge and rinse off with water…

Toilet Bowl:
sprinkle borax and pour in lemon juice.  Let sit for a while and scrub down
OR use baking soda and vin, same scrub down.

I use my general cleaner on the outside of the toilet bowl, chrome, sink etc–because of the tea tree oil (anti-fungal), it seems to cut the dirt and yukky bathroom grime well.  Try using a Q-tip dipped in tea tree oil in the mildew and mold spots on your bath tub caulk…if it’s really bad, use hydro peroxide…