We are all about the carry on–even with 2 kids.  Anytime we fly, we ONLY carry on.  So with that comes some pretty tight packing and careful planning on what to pack.  With the recent checked baggage charges and how often my luggage has actually been lost (honeymoon!), this is soo worth it to us.

Here it is, the MEI Voyageur


MEI Voyageur

MEI Voyageur



This bag has been around since the 70s, but in and out of production.  You can read about it here, but to my knowledge, can only buy it at the first site I listed.  The internet presence is virtually non-existent.  You’ll maybe get an order confirmation, maybe.  And after about 11 weeks, yes 11 (!), you’re little beauties will arrive.  We have one for each family member…I must say brown is my favorite.  The dimensions are the max carry on allotment and this thing swallows all your junk.  The inside is one big compartment with compression straps and a little blue pocket for important documents.  The exterior has a zipper pocket for papers and such with more compression straps. The backpack portion and a waist band that suspend the pack on metal stays (removable) all zip into the back.  It’s the most comfortable pack, but also nice to have the option of hiding the backpack for a more professional look over your shoulder or if you choose to check it (gasp).  I just love a product that works and this bag is, well, my new best friend.

I can’t take credit for finding this–my dad sent me this site which mirrors my philosophy on travel.  And this bag is a recommendation from that site.

On one of our trips, I think the CA one, Tee spilled/dumped a whole cup of ice water on one of the bags.  Just so happened I had Scotch Guarded that one.  The water formed beads and just rolled right off.  When we got home, I “Guarded” the rest of the bags…so that’s, IMO, the only way I could improve these bags.  A $2 can of Scotch Guard.

One day we will shed the car seats and the strollers and the pack n plays and the booster high chairs; all we’ll have in the trunk of our car or in the overhead bins will be our MEI Voyageur packs.  Hey, I can dream a decade out can’t I?!