Dear Tee,

Yesterday you turned 28 months old, and we’ve started to hear more of your thoughts! In fact, you yap all the time now; it’s wonderful!  The most common phrases from you this past month include: “another one”, “mommy kitchen” (when you want me to go away), “Tee drink milk”, “Tee watch veggie tales”, “be excused please”, “hug you, hug me”,  “oooooh catchy betchy”, “love you!”…the list goes on and on.  What cracks me up most is when you say something, seeking affirmation, and shake your head yes the whole time you’re talking.  We know instantly if you like something you’re eating because, with your mouth full, you’ll get this big smile and say “yummy lunch, yummy dinner” (you never can decide which meal it is).  And meals are going pretty well right now.  You’ve been sick with a cold earlier this week, so you’ve been a little more picky lately.  But typically, you’ll eat a whole PB&J or turkey sandwich with mustard for lunch with fruit-plums -your favies-and some cheese slices.  Dinner is a toss up depending on how distracted you are, but man can you pack it in the next morning to make up for that distraction.  Breakfasts include 2 bananas with a side of an ADULT portion of oatmeal!  I can’t figure out where it all goes…but you do have this big, yummy toddler belly, so maybe it goes there. From day one, you’ve been the one that could make Catch laugh the most.  His first smile was at you and he continues to be your adoring fan.  I’ll be working around the house and notice it’s been quiet for a while.  I’ll walk over to check on yall for a second in the garden room and more often than not will see yall playing and talking in a language I don’t understand.  Then you’ll go to get something, but never before you grab a toy and toss it in Catcher’s lap.  If I’m not there to read you a book, you’ll bring it to Catcher and sit next to him while you thumb through it.  Or if he falls over, you kiss his forehead (aiming for the mouth, but he’s pretty wiggly).  So many times you don’t know I’m watching.  Most days I’ll find myself with dripping wet arms and a pot on the stove, just standing in the doorway catching glimpses of these moments.  I love your lack of self awareness and your endearing awareness and protection of your brother.

We got a new car this month (meet YOUR first car in 14 more years :)) and we drove up to Athens to pick it up and see Auntie B.  It has a DVD player and on the drive home we played the same Veggie Tales over and over and over…oh my…but now you think the “new car” is the place to watch Veggie Tales–which we don’t do while running errands–but nevertheless,  if it’s tv watchin’ time you head for the car.  You don’t get upset when I say no, which I appreciate.  So thanks buddy.

While you’ve always been our major sleeper, you’ve lately become a lot more like mama: a sleep talker.  This drives your daddy crazy about me, so naturally I was tickled when you popped up with the same trait!  The other night we found you sitting up asking for a “papey towel” (paper towel).  Completely asleep.  You say the funniest things then just roll back over and start snoring.  I have got to catch this on video some time soon–I just get too caught up in enjoying the moment to run and get it. You and Catch just went off to bed after a full day of trains and trucks and books and tunnel crawlin’.  I’ll go and kiss you tonight about 4 more times before it’s my bed time.  I can always hear you saying “mommy, cover up” as I go in there at night–so I want you to know, even when you’re sleeping, I grab your blanket and “cover you up”.  We prayed with you tonight a prayer we pray often for you and your brother: that you will never know a day without Jesus. Kisses to you my sweet 28 month old.  I’ll see you tomorrow when you wake up and can’t wait.


Mommy mom mom (as you call me these days)