Dear Catchy-Betchy,

Today you turned 10 months old.  How did this happen?  Where did time go?  Just yesterday I was screaming on an ER gurney as you came rushing out.  But all that craziness wasn’t a good prediction for your first 10 months.  No, you’ve been delightful and charming, sweet and cuddly, calm and laid back.  Though your hair fell out, it still came back blazing red.  You still sleep through the night, though I can’t put the side of the crib down and kiss you in the middle of the night–that’s just asking for you to wake up.  Sometimes I think you know when I tiptoe in late at night to check on you.  On cue you’ll pop your head up and smile, as if always waiting for me.  Or at least, that’s what I like to think 🙂

You’ve become much more independent in your playtime this month.  While you still army crawl like crazy, you also crawl on your knees and walk around all furniture.  AND put everything you come across in your mouth (see cockroach)!  But your tiny little pincher grasp is so stinking cute-even while your picking up that bug or bug turd or whatever you find in the remote corners of the house.  You pretty much stick to wherever Tee is; yall are in the garden room more often than not.  I had set up some toys in the nursery and closed to gate so you could play in peace, but you just cried and sobbed at the door.  Tee laid down in the hallway and yall passed toys back and forth underneath the gate until I finally gave in-it was just too pitiful.  So Tee wanted in the gate, which lasted about 5 minutes, then yall both wanted OUT.  I’m starting to see a trend: if yall are together, or at least have access to each other, we are all good.  But what’s not all good is when Tee shares things like pickles with you.  Pickle pieces plus trachea don’t mix and I feel like I’m always checking Tee to see if he’s chewing and if he’s not, you probably are!  We spend a lot of time over the kitchen sink either washing out your mouth or rinsing off that little pincher grasp.

I still struggle with putting you in the nursery at church…at 10 months old I think you’ve been only once, maybe twice.  The truth is, I  miss ya.  And I know how fleeting these moments of your “babyhood” are.  With your more independent play also comes a keen awareness of where I am and separation anxiety.  So when I hear that cry from down the nursery hall, I just want to go back and get my baby!  I know I’m babying myself here…In fact, I know you’ll be fine.  But I’m not willing to give up these moments with you!  From the day you were born your dad and I have been forward raising you–equipping you with the tools to leave us and lead your own family.  While at 10 months old you have a far way yet to go, you’re still 10 months closer :).  So I understand the reality and cherish the here and now so much.

We like to describe you as are charmer.  You have this eye contact thing with a little smirk that is fantastic!  And when i say “I love you”, you tilt your head to the left and smile…I know you are saying it too!  Catchy, you are unique and precious and delicious and I cannot imagine my life without you.  When we put you down at night, we pray the same prayer with you as we do your brother: that you will never know a day without Jesus.  I pray He calls you at a young age and that your life is full of knowing your eternal Father, full of seeking His will and desiring His glory.  Sweet child, many pray for you, but most of all your parents do…and promise to every day of your life!

I’m gonna go grab you now and give ya a squeeze…after I’ve checked your mouth for the latest floor treat!  Love you betchy…