I’ve been tired of all the little ziplock baggies and other toss-ables that accompany our many lunches out.  So on my do list last week I added “lunchbox”:

THEN later in the week, as if she read my mind, my skinny butt friend sent me a link to this very cool site, Cooking for Monkeys, after seeing these bento lunch boxes at a fall festival.

I checked them out, fell head of over heels and ordered up a few.  They arrived this week and are going out tonight on their first lunchbox experience with my babes–only they will be for dinner:

While the meals “Cooking for Monkeys” puts together are darling and I’m sure my babe would love to dive into one (I know I sure would), he won’t be getting those daily from me.  So far my boys are not picky eaters and I want to keep the food looking like what it is so we stay as low maintenance as possible.  Here is what each boy will be getting tonight:

I’ll just show you one of the bento boxes since they are eating the same dinner tonight (yay!).  Above we have steamed brocolli, split grape tomatoes and steamed potatoes on the bottom tray and whole wheat pasta spirals with a homeade dipping sauce (blended grape tomatoes, mustard, garlic, olive oil, sea salt and oregano)–Tee’s a dipper :)–in the top tray.  I am skeptical that this will be enough food for my massive eaters, so I’ve also included our third bento box full of apps (Kashi hearts cereal) and dessert (silicone cupcake cups filled with grapes):


Don’t you just love these little bento boxes?  I’ll let you know how dinner goes and if my babes are as excited to eat out of them as I was to prepare them 🙂  Thanks for the tip skinny butt!