In the blink of an eye his lips were blue, his arms were flailing and his face was silently screaming…Catcher was choking, and he wasn’t gonna cough this one out.  Got him out of that high chair, checked the mouth, couldn’t get it, flipped him over my forearm and popped his back-out came a wad of food.  Ahh, the relieving sound of loud screaming from CLEAR air passages!  I looked over at Tee, his arm frozen mid air with the next bite of mac and cheese, to find him with eyes full of tears.  As Catcher nuzzled into me and calmed down, I began to explain to my 2 year old that Catcher would be alright, the scary time was over.  After some repeating and rewording, Tee seemed to understand…finished his mac and cheese, had some apple slices and asked “excused please”.  He walked right over to Catch, kissed him and said, “all done scary place”.  So my heart, already on the floor, then melted…crisis averted, thank you Lord for your protection over these precious lives.  And for the sweet moments in the midst of scary places.

On to bed time stories and pajamas.