When it comes to cloth dipes, I love 2 types: Fuzzi Bunz and prefolds with wool covers.  I am the biggest fan of Clotheez brand prefolds, sold at Green Mountain Diapers.  We have sizes newborn through potty training and they are big time work horses, the gold standard of prefold diapers: super absorbant, sturdy and economical.  With the staple stash in hand, I also have some fun prefolds that I love too…cute doggie bums and one fish, two fish…
While these prefolds are so darling on their own, they need a cover to stop the leakage…they are just the cotton to absorb.  If I’m using a prefold, I’m coving it up with wool.  Nothing but wool!  It’s antimicrobial, wicks moisture out and breaths but is waterproof due to the lanolin, can go weeks without needing a wash (yes, it smells completely clean) and there are way more cute ones out there than you could ever use!  Here’s a little sampling, enjoy.  

I can’t find pics of my other favies–but you get the idea!  Over and out.