Some phrases through out the day, for better or worse, I just could not live without right now.  Here’s the short list:

“get your finger out of his eye”

“please don’t touch your poop”

“please don’t touch his poop”

“obey mommy”

“yes you may”

“no you may not”

“remember, we keep our hands out of our pants”

“stop touching your penis”

“yes, you are a boy”

“step on the stool, let’s wash hands”

“hold my hand please”

“step step step all the way to the front door and wait for mommy, knock on the door if you need to”

“yes baby”

“i love you”

“I’ll be here when you wake up”

“let’s ask daddy when he comes home”

“there’s an excavator, there’s a dump truck, there’s a school bus”

“yes, that is Sarah’s car”

“thank you baby”

“time to eat, green chair, bib on”

“you may be excused”

“little boys don’t drink beer”

“little boys don’t drink wine”

“I love you thiiiiiiiiis much”

“this is your warning”

“I forgive you”

“forgive me please”

“yes, your penis is right there, please continue to not touch it”

“do not touch”

“sweetheart, mommy is a little crazy”

“thank you for obeying”

“he is not a horse”

“get off of him”

“put your shoes on please”

“whatcha doing”

“come here”

“stay right there”

“we are going to put our shoes on, wait by the door, walk with mommy to the car, wait with your hand on my leg, then hold my hand and walk around the car”

“would you like a mustard sandwich?”

“Bebe’s coming”

“can you say bye bye?”

“I’ll kiss it for you”

“you can push the button”

“no thank you”

“be careful”

“how old are you?”

“baby, I’m listening”

“let’s read this one”

“you may not have beer in your green cup, you do not drink beer, ever”