I’ve been reluctant to watch the film “The Business of Being Born”, knowing it would nudge my already willing mind in a direction I’d have to argue my spousal over.  I watched it.  It did.  And we are.

I had a final push to watch this film from my park friend, Rachelle (shout out) and whoa was she right about it’s persuasion.  For any of you who are interested in your birth plan, the process of birth, what to expect or just why you do or don’t want to be in a hospital for birth, watch this movie and let it be a piece of research for you.

I’m off to research midwives and possibly, birthing centers (no, I’m not preg).  Oh, and begin my 100 page dissertation to my spousal on why I won’t go back to Winter Park Memorial Hospital to birth–who will require, no doubt, about 50 of these 100 page dissertations to convince.  Argh, and I gotta get working.