Dear lamb,

Yesterday you turned 11 months old.  Next month, on your first birthday, you’ll become a toddler.  Ok, I can’t even think or talk about that right now-I will need the whole month to emotionally prepare!  And I have enough emotions to keep today busy…In a couple hours I’ll be leaving for a trip without you.  Our first time in the last 20 months of your entire existence that we’ll be apart.  I’ve intentionally not processed until now because I know I’ll be missing you deeply.  It will be hard to walk on that plane without you.

I picked you up twice while you were sleeping last night-do you remember?  You actually popped up and smiled, then nuzzled into me.  Oh you are so precious.  In many ways you’ve stayed the same cuddly, charming babe, but in other ways, you are growing up so fast.  You are our climber-we’re constantly finding you on top of the train table.  You eat almost as much as Tee does now and have cut 2 more bottom teeth this past month.  You are a speed demon crawler and can maneuver yourself upright around all furnature and walls.  You’re babbling so much and say “ba ba ba ba” when we say bye bye to you!  I know you understand so much  more…it’s sweet to hear small parts of your voice.

I can’t go anywhere without someone stopping me about your red hair.  We were at Walgreen’s picking up pics of you and Tee the other day and the photo lab techs were all calling each other over when we walked up…all wanting to see the “red headed boy” whose pics they had just printed.  It’s getting curly and thick…you’re not supposed to have better hair than your mama!  So I have pics of my babes to take with me on my trip; I’m sure I’ll check them often.  I can’t go too long without looking at your soulful eyes.  There is something old and deep about your eyes.  We can’t quite figure out the color yet, but they are dark and sparkly.  

I have to get going–I’d rather spend this time with you than writing about you.  At 11 months old you are more precious than words to me Catch.  You’re healthy and strong, vibrant and so so loving.  May the peace of God be with you child as we are apart and I pray you don’t realize I’m gone until it’s time for me to come back!

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiis much,