I’m looking around our house, strewn with toys, and feeling the walls close in on me.  The news is on in the background and I need to just turn off the economic crisis news coverage.  Our house is on the market and with home prices falling back to what they were worth 4 years ago (!!), it’s hard to keep spirits high.  However, my faith is not in the market, praise the Lord, and He can sell our house even in these trying times.  I know this, but today I want to tangibly feel it.

There are little encouragements along the way and as I was surveying our little house, Tee came running through the living room in circles yelling, “big house mom! so big!”.  I needed that change in perspective!  To my babies, this house is big– I can find them quickly if they are crying, keep an eye on them while cooking dinner and locate the lost toy car in record time.  So often the change I need is in perspective, attitude and interpretation.  This house is small, but it’d be a mansion in Manhattan.  It’s what the Lord has provided right now-it keeps my family safe and warm, it’s the first home my children have known and it’s a home we can afford-these are blessings!  Sweet Tee, thank you for your perspective and for encouraging mommy with your big circles in your big house today.