Happy 1st Birthday my baby boy!!

Don’t grow up, please, don’t grow up!  Is it too early to begin bargaining with you?  Stay with your mama with all your red curls and cuddly ways…


Of course, looking back over your last year, you have changed so much.  You’ve come from this tiny 6lb thing we were just getting to know, but already loved immensely, to this little boy (tear) with a huge smile, infectious laugh and tender spirit.


In this past month your words have just exploded.  You now address each of us:  “mama”, “dada” and “ta”…and you just follow Tee around mimicking anything he is saying.  When we come to get you up in the morning or after nap, you are always standing looking at the door.  When the door opens, you begin to jump up and down and do this hyper-ventilation, laugh thing.  It’s so great!  Your favorite place to be in the nursery has to be Tee’s crib (with Tee).  I put yall in there the other day, after much pleading from both of you, and ended up getting a lot done around the house–yall were so happy playing in there together.  When it got quiet, I peaked in to find you laying on your back playing with Tee’s hair as he laid on your belly.  Oh what a sweet moment to see…when yall are not around each other, Tee is asking for you and you seem to be looking for him.  Good thing we have a little house 🙂


Is walking on the horizon?  I give ya 3 more months, maybe 4.  You love your walker, but it doesn’t look quite natural yet…no worries, you have a light speed crawl down and seem to get where you want to be with little problem.  Your favorite place: sitting on top of the train table.  You’re my climber!


Your first birthday party was with good friends, Asher Coverstone and Annie Iverson-born 2 days before you on the 8th and 9th of December.  We had a cupcake party at the park on a Saturday afternoon.  Yall wore matching sweaters with your intials monogrammed on each–adorable.  It was a fun time to celebrate good friends and eat cupcakes!  You went to town on yours (which happened to be a sugar-free banana muffin with whipped cream and a fruit leather topping).  Tee stayed near by holding the balloons almost the whole time…


We’re getting ready for your 2nd Christmas–my how you are seasoned in life already!  We bought you this cool, retro, Fisher Price TV tuner.  You turn the knob and it plays music and pictures–I remember having one 25 years ago and hope you love it too.  I think you will.  We also got you Little People Noah’s Ark…I have a feeling both you and Tee will be all over this one, but yall can share, right?  You’ll also have your first taste of ice cream (and sugar for that matter!) this Christmas.  We got you both an ice cream ball to share.  It’s this big orange ball with a canister in the middle-fill the canister with cream and sugar and then put ice and rock salt in the outside ball…roll it around for 15 minutes and voila.  Well, so we hope.

I thought ice cream was a good way to introduce your first molars!  Your top 2 are coming in–we discovered this at your 12 month well visit the other day.  You were SO great at your appointment.  Everytime a nurse or doctor walked in you sat on the table just cracking up.  We had you stripped down to your dipe with your blanket like a cap for warmth.  Your little shoulders would just rock up and down as you laughed.  And everytime you were touched you thought you were being tickled.  Tee wanted up on the table with you–which you also thought was also hilarious.  I wish I had brought my camera to capture you looking up at Tee, cape in tow, cracking up in the doctors office.


Your 12 month old stats are: 25% weight (21lb), 75% height (31in) and 75% head (forgot this one)…way to grow buddy!  You seem to have this broad back and long limbs-so we thought you’d be heavier.  But were glad to know you were over 20lb and could now face forward in your new car seat!!  It’s so fun to look back and see your sweet face.  You love it and are the most content car boy.  It seems you’ve always got this little smile on while we’re driving.

Have I told you your my little dare devil?  Say it isn’t so!  But I knew I’d get at least one of those.  When I’m vacuuming the floor, while Tee runs to the couch to bury himself in the pillows, you jump on the floor to play a game of cat and mouse with the vacuum.  It sure does get me moving-I have to be quick to get it down before you catch me.  You have no fear of diving off high places head first and think being startled is the best trick in the world.  So far you are safe and alive.  I work hard all day to keep you that way 🙂

I’m thinking about you today and how all these memories above will be stories I tell you one day, you won’t remember any of them first hand.  And lately, I’ve been sort of thankful for that.  I am preg with your next brother or sister (you’re gonna be great!) and so sick.  We’ve stripped our day down to bare survival lately.  No going out, little busy-ness.  I make sure you are safe, warm, dry, fed, rested…loved.  But some days I can barely peel my face out of the toilet.  Somehow you like it in there and I’ve got to get a lock for the lid, gross.  Despite wanting to die somedays, laying on the living room floor watching yall play and being crawled on has been some of the sweetest moments with yall.  It’s been a huge time of growth for both you and Tee and I’ve had a fairly uncluttered, front row seat.  It’s a dream job to watch you discover, grow and learn…so I’m thankful for these opportunities and that you won’t remember my dates with the toilet.


I adore you big boy!  While I’m still in shock that you’ve traded babyhood for toddlerdom, each day holds great excitement as we trust you come closer to knowing Jesus.  May you know Him at a young age sweet child and follow Him all the days of your life.  Your daddy and I love you too much 🙂