Hey dream guy, it’s another year, another birthday.  Remember turning 30 last year?  Remember the big party and many gifts I surprised you with?  It went off much better in my mind than in reality 🙂  Being 11 days postpartum had something to do with the lame acknowledgement of a very big day.  And this year, you lucky guy, I am crawling around trying to find my stomach while you play daddy, mommy and housekeeper.  I think I’m more spoiled by you today that the other way around, arg.  But once we’re done with this popping kids out thing, watch out, it’s your turn to be celebrated!  

So you’re on your way as I type to take Tee to the dentist for an emergency appointment.  He fell and seems to have landed on 3 of his front teeth…lots of blood, lots of spit, lots of hysterics (from me).  Instead of a birthday lunch you get a COME HOME NOW phone call and a drive out to Oveido.  I’m thankful for your calm nature and strong leadership.  You scooped Tee up and got him where he needed to be in a flash.  Now I’m just waiting for the phone call to hear if we’ll have baby dentures or not.  Oh my little first born baby…

As much as I wish today was more about you and less about all of us, I’ve learned a lot about taking life a day at a time from you.  I love you Bou and call me soon!!

***Tee’s teeth update: after some x-rays, it seems his root structure is fine, no fractures.  His lips and gums are very swollen and the dentist wants to see him back in 4 weeks.  We were told to expect his front few teeth to go gray (great), but then be back to their normal color in a few weeks.  Until then, baby motrin and lots of soft foods…oh dear…glad to keep those baby teeth a little longer!**