This took a lot of prayer, thought and interviews.  5 midwives later, 4 of which ran birthing centers, we finally feel like we’ve come to the best decision we could make and are excited!  We’re going home birth.  Through the process of researching birthing centers, we found little difference in birthing center vs home birth with a midwife; it was more about who packed what and traveled where.  Both options have access and preparations to the same drugs for the same emergencies and make the same strict calls on if a transfer to a hospital is needed.  At first a birthing center was more appealing because I could go somewhere, let them deal with all the “gunk”, then leave hours later with my baby.  But the more we got into it, we realized I’m the most relaxed at home and the mess isn’t all that big of a deal-it sounds really good to lean into labor at home and not have to make any further calls on when it’s time to go.  We are also right down the street from the preferred hospital if something were to go wrong.  We are, in fact, closer at home then we would be at a birthing center.

I’m looking forward to the sort of well person care I’m going to get through having a midwife versus a surgeon.  She will be more in tune with how I’m doing when I’m doing good, which in turn will better her odds of knowing if things aren’t going well.  With this sort of well care plus the lack of interventions commonly found at the hospital, the likelihood of a health pregnancy and delivery are much higher.

So there you have it (in a very small nutshell).  We’re going home birth.  Our pediatrician is on board as well and will see our offspring 24 and 72 hours after they are born.  I like the idea of our pediatrician caring for our child instead of the impersonal and hasty hospital pediatricians we’ve had in the past for the first NB physical.

I’ll go into more detail as we progress.  I’m thankful the decision is made, we feel great about it and are on board together.