Is it because you’re coming out of the pregnancy fog you say?  Heck no!  (language edited because my mother-in-law reads this, hi C!)  In fact I was laying in the bathtub during my shower at 10a this morn, a typically non nauseating time, wrenched in cramps and nausea.  I was thinking, are you kidding me.  But I had to get up (my kids were up) and I had to get out and do some grocery shopping.  Got some food down, energy crept back up and we ventured out to Super Target, Publix and our meat store.  Our adventures were successful-obedient children, little traffic, in and out, no need for my barf bag in the diaper bag…and now I have a fridge, freezer and counter top stocked with yummy foods, tons of cravings and good wholesomeness for dinner tonight.  If you asked my kids to draw a veggie, they’d prob draw a blue chip or PBJ, so din tonight will contain spinach, celery, onion, bell pepper…and one of my favorite food groups, cheese.  We’ll throw some chicken in there…and well, some white wine and lemon juice too.  Fine, it’s called Chicken Florentine (a la Barbara, my mom’s recipe).

But really, knowing there are Bolthouse protein smoothies in the fridge (have you tried them?  On sale at Publix right now!), a few frozen dinners in the freezer (don’t shoot, I’m preg, give me a break!), enough Annie’s Bunny crackers to my kids delight in the pantry and a few other items I am not woman enough to admit I eat on the counter simply delights my heart.  We just finished off the last of our bread and I will be baking 2 new loafs during nap time.  What a day…I’m smiling.