And this drives my husband crazy!  It’s not that he’s the pessimistic type.  In reality (and you’d know if you read this blog at all), he’s the most upbeat, positive, grounded, rounded, driven and brilliant man I’ve ever met.  I love that he put himself through college, what a positive work ethic.  He drives my old college car thankful it’s paid for…and it’s looking (and smelling, but that’s his fault) very old.  When life is tough, he’s not down.  He’s instead more motivated to dive into God’s truth and meditate on His word.  When I’m down, he points me to Christ and sets an example of obedience.  I’m telling you, if you don’t feel hopeful and more optimistic around this man, then you may need to see my mother, the counselor.

But when it comes to the glasses and bottles I leave around the house, watch out!   I never, ever, ever, ever, finish the last part.  Gag, that’s backwash (my own!).  Can’t do it.  So I have cups everywhere and bottles of precious, organic, pregnancy vitamin tea with a hint of raw honey (it’s delicious, by-the-way)…all half full around the house.  It’s sign of optimism, right (and I’m convinced I’m the optimal pessimist, own it)?  Will someone at least try to convince my tea brewing husband of that?  I’ve struck out.  Big time.  And now he’s chasing me around the house with an unfinished bottle of tea asking that I finish it…