We have some big time berry fans in this household–Tee can down a carton of blueberries per meal and both kideos will eat their weight in strawberries, if allowed.  This morn we topped off with whole grain banana and blueberry pancakes and headed out to Pappy’s Patch; a sweet  little pick-your-own strawberry field about 10 minutes from our house.  


Tee learned which berries were not ready to pick (he called them babies) and which we could pull…


We also were interested in a few passing trucks during our “farming” (Tee kept thinking everyone out there picking were farmers):

Tee almost made it to the end of our picking before starting to munch-he only got a few down before they were weighed.  We all piled back into the car and were amazed at Catcher devouring whole berries (greens on!) in one bite and the sheer quantity both boys consumed:

And then, after missing a very important nap to a 13 month old, some of us passed out…full of ripe strawberries and a few green tops.  We will be doing this again, very soon.


**If you want to visit Pappy’s Patch, here is more detailed info. They open at 9a most days, but call the day before to make sure the field isn’t too picked over: 407-366-0451. It costs $2 a pound and they supply the baskets, cash or check only. Dress for sandy walking, you can park right by the fields. Here’s a map of their location in Oviedo, Fl: