Catcher started Safe Start today.  It’s a program for babies to teach them water survival skills before they can swim.  He’ll be taught to roll onto his back and float in the event of an accident…this will take 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  It’s 10 minutes a day and the parent stands by watching.

Being handed off to a stranger for a little pool time at 8:30 this morn wasn’t Catcher’s idea of a good morning.  He grunted and growled at her the whole time, as if to bully her into giving him back to daddy.  Through his opposition, the instructor discovered Catch is surprisingly strong for his age.  She moved him to the side of the pool to see if he could actually hang on to the side.  Oh he could hold on.  In fact, he would have been successful at climbing out if his instructor hadn’t pulled him back.  So I wonder, why are we in a survival class if our kid can simply climb out?

His instructor said she may begin swim lessons for our 13 monther instead…it seems to fit his will a bit better 🙂