We couldn’t seem to satisfy our wing craving with any of the Orlando wing places–oh how we miss you sweet, sweet Texas and all your wonderful food options.  Buuuut, we have found our fix!  Thank you for your concern during our wing dry spell and many notes of sympathy…I’d like to share what makes these home-fried wings juicy, crispy and saucy; we can’t seem to get enough.  (I would take pics, but I’m always more interested in chowing immediately-just see it in your minds eye 🙂 ).

1. Always use fresh wings, never frozen.  Frozen wings retain a lot of water-the enemy of frying and will help coat your kitchen floor in a splatter of oil.  Fresh wings make for juicy meat.

2.  Salt the fresh wings over night in the fridge.  This draws out water and aids in crispy skin.  Dab the wings with a paper towel and brush off the salt before frying.

3. Double fry and in small batches.  Push all your wings through at 275 degrees to cook the chicken and let them drain on paper towels.  Then, when all your batches are draining, heat the oil up to 375 degrees for the skin-crisping fry.  This will be quicker than the first fry.

4.  Sauce best adheres to hot wings.  Quickly get those babies into your sauce, after a short stop on the paper towel following the last fry.  And oh the sauce, savory, hot, vinegary lusciousness (can you tell we love this stuff yet?):  it’s 1 stick of melted butter and half a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce.  You’ll be looking for bread to soak up any last drop of this stuff.

5.  Make a lot, these go fast…with lots of paper towels on hand.