Jcrew Crewcuts (their kids line) is one of my favies for my boys–too cute.  They are having free shipping today, enter code TULIP…but it’s only for orders over $150.  I’m not sure if that’s a deal, but it’s something…I digress.

The weather here in Otown is incredible today–I love driving with the windows down.  My boys look like puppies back there with their long locks flowing in the wind.

We picked up a bead maze, craigslist find, today for $10!  It’s in perfect condition and they’ve been fascinated with it since it’s arrival.

The boys are sleeping right now and I’m eating cotton candy on the couch.  I know the nap will bring me sweet babes in 1.5 hours and I look forward to playing with them.

My friend Sarah (Pants) just called.  She’s preg with twins and would like to share that at 12 weeks preg, she’s only gained 1 pound.  Nice.  Sweet.  I’m well into double digits on my scale with a singleton.  Oh well, she’s a birdie.

This bead maze really is so cool.

I’m making a preg friend spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tomorrow.  I want to go cook it up right now and eat it.

There is a gecko (little lizard for you non-Floridians) in my bedroom right now.  I’m not sure how to get that thing out of there.  Thom, please come home early today.  You need to catch the gecko.  Tee thinks it’s really neat and went to nap yapping about his friend the gecko.  We are a house of BOYS.

The amount of laundry from this beach weekend is amazing.  Literal mountains.  But I sort of like laundry-I mean, you just put it in and it cleans itself.  Think if we lived back in the pioneer days.  Yes, laundry today is barely a chore.

My sister is in Belize right now on a missions trip with UGA students.  Come home safely Beez, praying for you!

I really hope Thom can get the gecko out of our room before bed tonight.

I have loads of pics to sort through from this weekend.  The boys were so fun on the beach…

My first lunch made a second appearance today–in the Publix parking lot.  I was 1) pissed that I had just bought food only to have it not go to calorie count and 2) extremely embarrassed to have a little audience of passer-byers during the deed.  It was a Filet o Fish sandwich from McDs.  My consumption of those babies is way over the limit lately.  It’s always my go-to because of it’s consistent texture and typically nothing in there to gross me out.  Well, until today.

I’m thinking of buying Oliver a wooden cradle–probably Jenny Lind style.  I’ve found a lot on craigslist lately for fair prices.  I would love to paint it a sage/gray/coolish/warm color with simple white bedding.  The idea of it’s small profile, yet solid base to sleep (unlike going with a pack n play for months) is appealing.  He could stay in there for the first 4 months or so, buying Catcher some more time in his crib.  And let’s be honest here, more crib time means more sleep for all.

I’m going to go grab the mail…and walk very slowly…this weather is begging to be soaked up.