Leaving at 4am for a 2 day driving trip is completely worth it.   There’s nothing like doing the bulk of driving on clear roads, early morn.

Dear Louisiana, what’s with the paved roads and unpaved bridges?  They sent me to the edge of preterm labor.  Bad Lou, very bad…

A 2.5 year old and 15 month old are pretty much content for hours straight watching the cars go by.

Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs with Bob and Larry CD on repeat.  17 hours, repeat.  REPEAT.

I want to eat my way through Dallas and don’t have enough meals.

Catcher found some adult swim goggles at Aunt Carol’s house and prefers to have them on his person at all times.  It’s just so Catcher and just so precious.


Mimi and Papa’s house was full this evening of kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids…It was wonderful chaos.

We held hands for the dinner prayer and Tee had the coveted spot next to Papa.  I had to sneak a pic, knowing Papa not only had Tee’s little hand, but much of his heart–a heart that had been wanting to see his Papa for many many months now.


You can never be prepared for a trip like this…and I vastly under estimated how difficult this would be.

Sunday church seems appropriate tomorrow.  I think I will run there, speed there…