Hi sweetie boys!

We’ve been out of town for a week and a half now and we’re just getting back into the swing of life.  It seems life has been spinning lately and I know yall have felt that too.  We drove to Dallas and back (2 days each way)-it was so easy with you both.  Much of the car time was spent talking about the cars going by…neither of you were interested in DVDs, but much loved a few CDs we brought.  We had good, solid family time in Dallas and you both were troopers sleeping in different places for each  nap (if you even got a nap) and getting to reconnect with much of Bebe’s family.  Tee, you fell in love with your cousin Keats (4) and spent much of your time asking what he was up to.  Catch, you got to know many people for the first time and were so personable.  You also bonded with a pair of adult blue swim goggles at Aunt Carol’s house and were so funny.  We got to hang around at Mimi and Papa’s house a lot and much of your running around reminded me of my childhood–so many of the same people and material things were still there…

Leaving was hard.  It was the worst sort of goodbyes.  Tee, you saw mommy crying and still talk about it today.  When we got in the car to head home, you asked a number of times “mommy, all done being sad?”.  I’m not, but that’s alright.  Your sensitivity to those around you is precious.

We stopped in Destin for 2 days on the way home.  What strong personalities and preferences you each have–Catch, you headed straight for the water…the entire time!  And Tee, did you ever get within 10 feet of the ocean?  It was beautiful babe…clear and calm.  It was a good breather for us all, but we were ready to head home.

Here we are at home.  It’s a Tuesday and yall are both taking your afternoon nap.  The day has been usual, a blessing.  The spinning is taking a break and I’ve greatly enjoyed just being your mommy today.  We headed out to return something at the mall-only to find I had to return it by mail, arg–but it wasn’t a pointless trip.  Yall got to run around a good bit and exercise some discipline in obeying mommy.  I’m proud of you both today.  We ate sandwiches and leftovers at home for lunch.  It was nice to sit at our table and just chat.

How I’ve delighted in yall today…just being your mommy, no other hats.  The “usual” feels like a satisfying exhale, one I was surprised to find I have longed for in the last month.  I have cherished the details of raising you today–from watching you run to the quiet conversations of why you must sit down in the shopping cart.  There have been many moments, when Oliver has kicked, that my heart leaps to think of him running with yall too…I long for the time when he will.

Do you feel the rest the Lord has given us today?  Do you know the manna being passed to you is from Him?  Sometimes I think you do…because often it seems you’re passing it on to me instead of the other way around.  

I’ll be here when you wake up…I love you more,

Mommy (and “Jenny Mom” as you’ve taken to calling me lately Tee!)