This is the end of my potty training diary–a much less interesting story than I could have predicted.  Tee has continued to be diaper free from 7a-7p, without accidents!  He has done all his duties on the potty today, on his own initiative.  I’ve been focused on not asking him and making sure he’s aware of his own timing…next we will venture out into the world diaper free and see if the distractions around us, well, distract.  But I do believe the bulk of the hard work is behind us.

I’ve learned it was worth waiting until he was really ready.  Our method was simple.  We talked up saying bye bye to diapers all weekend and got him undies that looked just like daddy’s.  He was very excited and knew Monday was a big day for him.  We’ve committed to staying home this whole week and really getting this done.  Day one was spent teaching him to understand the feeling of needing to go and my learning of his “needing to go” signs.  Day two was focused on poo and recording his elimination pattern through out the day.  Day three has been about going on his initiative (and I have his written pattern record to keep my eye on the time) and making him more responsible for telling me.  Naps have been dry and we will keep nights in diapers for some time still.  He sleeps 12-13 hours at night and his door is hard to open…it’s just not worth it right now!  Otherwise, I didn’t do anything funky with his food or drink and have kept our lives pretty simple the last 3 days. There has been lots of praise, phone calls to Daddy and Gparents when he eliminates, talking about it as events through out the day and sharing about the success of the day at the dinner table (sorry, but that’s where we are in life right now!).  Tee is aware of his accomplishment and proud of it!  He’s taken responsibility and is way too grown up for his mama…Proud of my little guy and his even smaller tushie!