Precious child of the covenant, Addison June, was buried today.  We mourn the loss of baby Addie, the sting of death that is so wrong.  Though she passed away in utero at 31 weeks, her parents were blessed to hold her, see her, know her face.  I like to imagine her right now, fully delighted in by Jesus, dancing and leaping, no pain, no scars of sin, rejoicing and worshiping her heavenly Father.  We are committed to praying for this dear family, for the 2 big sisters, for the journey ahead and hope for rest along the way as they live life without her.

I am thankful for a God who knows first hand the before, during and after of saying goodbye to a child.  God’s promises are true and we will one day meet this loved child.  I don’t know as a parent how it is possible to survive this, but my God does.  The assurance of not only survival but of redemption is so sweet today.