Conversations at 34 months old are so great!  Of course he doesn’t speak in phrases, but here are some blurbs from conversations that are so classic Tee right now:

is oliver driving his car in mommy’s belly?

love you, love you buddy

what’s his name?

mommy fix it

excuse me please

I did it!

please wipe me

I’m just a little boy, not a big boy

Catcher’s a baby?

forgive please

books are our friends

I need a papey towel

what’s that on my hands?

I messed it up

that’s T-E-E!

here da go (here you go)

heeeeey Catchy Betchy

this my blanket?

I have a baby in my belly

no reminders mommy, just a conversation

I’m sorry disobeying you

where’s blue car?  new car?  race car? white car? fast car?

I’m a naked boy!

I want a dress on (I want to get dressed for the day)

I run fast in my running shoes

where’d my friends go?

want to come to Tee’s house?

Daddy, wrestle me

pee pee and poo poo go in the potty

bye bye diapers!

we said bye bye to diapers and hello big boy underwear

Mommy, hold me

where’s my blanket?

mommy, you’re a cutie

that’s beautiful mommy

no reminder, just time out

yes mame

are these my jamas? (pjs)

huh?  Hm?  huh?

what’s that truck say?  what’s that tree say?  what’s that chair say?

growl!  I’m a cheetah mommy!

Mommy, draw a heart and eyes and a Catchy Betchy and a T-E-E mom, draw them!