Our Friday had been looking a little drab:


With sick little boys, we needed help getting the sun to shine…


But be sad no more, your afternoon snack AND play activity are an “all in one” today!  It’s edible play doh!


The crowd of (two) little boys went wild!


The sun came out to greet us


and an afternoon of the sniffles was redeemed!


This edible play doh has recipes all over the place-it’s basically a mix of peanut butter, dry (powdered) milk and honey.  I used agave nectar instead of honey and it turned out great.  Spoon into a bowl the amount of “play doh” you want in peanut butter.  Add the powdered milk until the doh isn’t sticky anymore.  Then sweeten to your liking.  The boys had a blast and ate the whole thing.  My 3 goals of the dreaded after-nap time, before the spousal gets home, dealing with sick (cranky) babies were met: get some protein in them, contain them and have a little fun.  Check.  Hopefully onto a great weekend of snuggles and rest.