I was telling Catcher to take the plums out of his ears the other day…and it seemed like such a normal phrase to say.  In the last 6 months, while many of the phrases haven’t changed, there are some new winners 🙂

take the plums out of your ears

yes, your penis is pointing down

do you need a reminder?

that’s not a nipple, it’s a mole

are you a little boy or a big boy?

good job buddy!

noses, noses

baby, mommy can’t wrestle right now

watch out for Oliver!

I’m sorry sweetheart, we’re out of blueberries

stop kissing him, he’s in time out

stop huggin him, he’s in time out

no, keep your cars too, he’s in time out!

I’ll be here when you wake up

Do you need to go pee pee?

Do you need to go poo poo?

no, mommy must flush it

which color jelly bean would you like?

please sit down

stop hanging on the blinds

where’d your clothes go?

take your hands out of your pants please

your nails won’t hurt when I cut them

look me in the eyes

you must obey

daddy took his white car to work

he’s coming back

yes, the new car is outside (it’s not new)

you were my baby, but you are growing up

where does pee pee and poo poo go?

Catcher wears diapers

do you feel Oliver moving?

you’re gonna be a great big brother

you are a great big brother

time to eat

I love you


biiiiig hug

hold my hand please

do we need to have a conversation?

don’t touch that!

nap time, grab a car, your blanket and Hamish or Agoo

don’t touch anything!

you’re still not old enough to drink beer

or wine

hold this glass with 2 hands, carefully

Who made you?

What else did God make?

Why did God make all things?

you may not throw your food on the floor

look who’s home!

say bye bye

I’m gonna get you

books are our friends

this is a privilege

thank you baby

good cheetah growl!