Dear Mommers,

I miss those apple juice popsicles you used to make for us in the summer time.  They were so sweet and soft.  I made some for the boys the other day–a batch of 6.  So far, they’ve each had 1 and I’ve had 4 🙂

Not to go off on an apple theme, but I also miss the way you make fluffy scrambled eggs and apple sauce.  I guess you could make them for me now when I see you, but I’d feel silly asking for a side of apple sauce with my eggs like the old days.  And they are best when I first wake up, pjs and all.  I still eat them that way sometimes, but  not in front of anyone.

I love you Mommers and just can’t believe it’s my turn for popsicle making with my kids.  I’ve been taught well…


popsicles with Bebe

popsicles with Bebe