When Tee went to bed tonight, he had his line up of cars.  But as tiny cars go, some fell down between the bunk bed and the wall.  He’s been crying out about Lightning McQueen off and on for the last 20 minutes.  Finally, I asked Thom to go and check on him–just so we are responsive parents, comforters, walk-him-along-the-process kind of parents (because getting the cars would be a big pain in the dark).  It seemed rather quick-their little heart to heart in there.  I just got the run down of how they worked through it:

Thom: “Why do you want him (Lightning McQueen)?”

Tee: “I want him.”

Thom: “Alright.”

He got Lightning McQueen from under the bed, problem resolved.  I’m laughing so hard, I have tears. Real tears.