I’ve had some intense nausea today.  The kind I had the first half of this preg, but haven’t revisited for over 10 weeks.  Great, thanks.  It’s been pouring all week and this seems like a fitting end to really feeling just crummy all week.  Thom came to the rescue and now my belly is full of fish tacos and licorice, feeling better and with labor on my mind.  I’m 31 weeks, so there is still mucho time to go…but with a homebirth, it’s different this time.  There is more preparation on my part and I’m looking forward to staying out of the hospital.

During Tee’s birth I had a labor nurse that really put me over the edge.  She was the wrong personality with mine during labor: she talked.  And talked.  And then told me what to do over and over.  During the 3 hours of pushing I looked around the room at the 3 people there and said, “No one here is aloud to talk to me anymore.  Well, except you, Thom and you, Doctor Jack.”  Basically, the labor nurse was the only one left.  Her name was No-No (I’m serious) and we are not friends.  She was one of the reasons, along with that yukky epideral, that I wanted to stay away from the hospital as long as possible with Catcher’s birth.  

We were successful, arrived for Catcher’s birth and he was born 4 minutes later.  But guess what?  While I’m pushing him out, in that 4 min window, guess who came on their shift?  It was No-No!  She was actually trying to get me to sign stuff while I was pushing and telling Thom to move out of the way (die!).  At that moment I knew I was done with hospital births if only to avoid No-No.  

So I’m looking around this living room right now, thinking the rain (minus the nausea and headache) would be nice in July for birthing…and also wondering, will a “No-No” be here too?  My midwife, Kelli, will bring one or two other midwifes with her to Oliver’s birth.  And while I didn’t have time to tell the hospital my birth plan with Catcher, Kelli does know for Oliver–for the most part, please don’t talk to me.  Talk with Thom and he will filter what I really, actually need to hear.  And don’t ever, EVER, tell him to move out of the way!  Pretty simple, right?  I hope Kelli share’s this plan with the other women present.

Phew, I have 9 weeks to go, no need for “No-No” nightmares quite yet.  Just praying we arrive to our due date healthy first, then that we are able to birth at home.  Big stuff here.  And yet, I can’t stop laughing at the backhanded way I told No-No to be quiet with Tee’s birth and then knowing she was in the room at Catcher’s birth before I even saw her.  I think I will sort of expect to see her here in July.  And if I do, I’m determined to just smile…a girl can only do so much.