Dear sweet, fireball,

When I ask you to point to your nose, you make this snorting/growling sound instead.  I love that about you.

If you want to get down and walk, you say “walk, walk”.  When we confirm, “you want to walk?”, you shake your head yes in the most sure way.  I love that about you.

You can run into a wall, then be smacked by a toy car while being toppled by your big brother and not be bothered in the least.  However, if I firmly rep-remand you on even the smallest matter, you burst into tears and run to my legs for a tight hug.  I love that about you.

Just when I think, we must finally cut your beautiful hair; the humidity sets in and it curls right back high enough to stay us off one more day.  I love your hair.

When I ask you to show me your hands, you give me a high five instead.  I love that about you.

You are a great eater.  We recently discovered you can down a whole Whataburger burger…way to make us proud son!  Since then, I give you your sandwiches whole and you gobble them up.  I love how you hold them with 2 hands and take a huge bite like you’re 16 years old.

When you see a picture of yourself on the computer, your whole face lights up and you yell, “Tee, Tee, Tee!”.  I love that about you.

It seems you wait each morning for a fresh diaper to poop in.  This only happens when daddy changes you and I love that about you for my sake.

You have these big, puckered lipped, juicy and deliberate kisses.  They are the best.  Anytime I have to leave you (which is not often), you begin to move in for the kiss before I can even say bye bye.  And when I come home; huge run and puckered kiss greet me at the door.  Some days you get into a mode of doing drive-by kisses.  Every few minutes between toy play, you’ll stop by the couch and lean in for a kiss, then on your way again.  I love this about you.

Speaking of kisses, Oliver has had many from you already.  You hug and love on my belly so well…and always lean in for a signature kiss.  Oliver has loved this about you.

You are content to simply be included.  I find this so endearing about you.

When I ask you what a dog says, you say “ruf ruf”.  When I ask you what a cheetah says, you say “rowl rowl”.  When I ask you what a kitty cat says, you say “mow mow”.  Every other animal sounds like a cheetah to you.  I love this about you.

When I change your diaper, you say “bye bye poo poo” and crack yourself up.  I love this about you.

Your squeals and laughs and giggles are big and vibrant.  You have soulfull eyes and this knowing smile.  There is something old-soul about you and I love spending time with you.

You and Tee will play cars and trains for hours together.  I love watching you two together.

Lately you’ve really been into books.  You like to sit and really process the images.  I love this about you.

Regardless of how you fight sleep time, you never fail to give in and rest on our shoulders, arms tucked in under your body, before we lay you down.  You give up the fight and our last moments before every night are sweet ones.  I love those times with you.

You are such the lover and such the fighter.  I love your passion.

I can’t help but be aware of these fleeting, precious days with you as my baby, my youngest.  I have no doubt you will be the most wonderful older brother.  However, with the blessing of heart growth also comes the pain of that growth.  There will always be a spot in my lap for each of my boys and these last few weeks before Oliver arrives are a most tender time with you.  Love you dear Catcher.

Noses (you know what this means little buddy),