Whoa, I just hit stage 6 of nesting…didn’t expect that.  It’s not a pretty stage.  Let me take you through the run down quickly:

Stage 1: List mania, to the extreme.  This happens at some point in the early 2nd trimester, but after we find out the gender.  The lists center around all you want to get done before baby arrives plus everything you’ve ever wanted to get done in your life, ever, with a side of more lists.  It’s ridiculously listy.

Stage 2: Kill the clutter.  This was a wonderful time to go through any junk drawers and make tough decisions on sentimental items.  Out with it all!  And I don’t regret a single Goodwill donation, not a single one.  The energy to push through this stage is supernatural.  I believe this stage to benefit us most in the long haul–nothing like a dose of pregnancy hormones to get the job done!

Stage 3: Product overhaul.  A couple years ago I switched to non-toxic home cleaners, so those weren’t in this stage.  For this pregnancy I focused on hard core research on the body (mainly) products we use.  It was so interesting to really dive into ingredients and be horrified.  I have many favorite new products and many we are still working the kinks out of.  I wish I had done this sooner, but better now than never I guess.  I’ll share some of my research later…once the hormones have CALMED THE FREAK DOWN.

Stage 4:  Pulling it all together-this is the last of the productive stages and happens around 34-37 weeks pregnant.  The home birth kit is ready, house is cleaned and in maintaining mode, childcare is lined up and people are alerted of their responsibilities on the phone call chain.  We are ready.

Stage 5: Wedding day (but better) excitement and anticipation. This is in the last week of pregnancy.  It’s feeling this flutter in your heart knowing your baby will be in arms soon, thinking about the future and just dying to hold your newborn.  The days float by and your temperament is generally hopeful and optimistic.  I wish I could live in this stage forever.  I thought I was going to be able to, but then a switch turned on stage 6.  And once you reach stage 6, there’s no going back till baby is born.

Stage 6:  I will kill you if you come close.  It happened last night around 7:30pm, the animalistic hibernation/rabies switch.  There is no going back, only birth will bring me back to sanity.  I cried this morning because my back hurt.  And it didn’t hurt that bad.  There seems to be little electric volts running through my pelvis and I want to crawl out of my skin.  Any margin of error I had is gone.  I am actually looking for someone to confront, to be blunt with.  Thus, I am done answering my phone.  If you are still my friend and I haven’t lost you yet, I’m dangerously close.  So on that happy note, see you when Oliver arrives…I’m off to hunt and kill my meals, find a cave, build a huge fire and laugh in a muah muah muah way as I grill my kill over the open flame.

Happy happy Friday.

PS:  I’m due on Monday.