I’m pregnant!  Not what you were expecting to hear, right?  Only kidding.  I needed to spice up this blog a bit.  I know you agree.  Just admit it.

Oliver is 6 weeks old and smiling! If I could eat him up, I would.  Munch…munch. My goal in the next few days is to tell ya about the labor and delivery of this little guy.  It’s sort of cramping my style, not getting this story off my chest.  I can’t move on, internet, I can’t!  There are many life stories to move on to from the last 6 weeks (we are not homeless, btw), but I need to first share how in the world Oliver came out into the world.  So munch on the pics below of Olly Bolly and I’m holding myself to the promise about sharing his 1 hour and 15 minute little home birth pronto (I know, it’s been 6 weeks, I can’t use the word “pronto” anymore).