Do you have a good flan recipe?  I have the typical recipes (that I do like), however, I’m wanting a certain taste that I’m missing.  I’m not finding this taste in my recipe folder.  I want something similar to the flan from Pollo Tropical (do not laugh!)…their flan comes in a wonderful little cup that screams, my flan is over-processed, my flan is over-processed, but oh so delicious.  It has this alcohol bite at the end of the carmel and a custard texture like room temperature butter.  I’d like to get rid of about half the richness, but keep the depth in the carmel part.

I just went to my trusty resource, Bouchon, thinking Bouchon knows rich.  Bouchon’s quiche alone is a butter and egg richness fest; I can’t wait to see what flan recipe is thrown at me here.  But then I remembered the flan I’m looking for is more south of the border, not so much parlez vous francias.  It took me 4 years to get through 2 years of high school french.  Don’t judge me, I’m more of a math and science girl.  Go architecture.  Go structures class…I, II, AND III.

Anyway, Bouchon had a lovely carmel custard to offer.  Hmm, not it.  I’ve looked through some more appropriate cook books and on the web a bit, but I don’t seem to be finding it.  If you have a good flan recipe with either alcohol in it or an interesting bite, so-to-speak, in the carmel, don’t be shy.  Please speak up 🙂

In the mean time, I’ll double fist-it with the usual flan and a beer…maybe if I alternate bites: flan, beer, flan, beer, I’ll recreate that same PT flavor.  Oliver is going to LOVE his next feeding.  Flan/beer flavored milk.

I couldn’t resist.