Over 3 years ago Tee made a very solid bond with his blankie. And for the last 3 years has had this blankie in tow for every single nap and bedtime. Every single one. Last night blankie showed up missing and it rocked Tee’s world.

Tee’s blankie is monogrammed with his name and he calls it his “T-E-E blanket”. So last night bedtime started with, “where’s my T-E-E blanket? Can’t find him (it’s a boy), where is he? Mommy, go find him”. Thom and I looked and looked. Under beds, under furniture, between pillows, in kitchen cabinets. No blankie. We had to bring in the reinforcements: back-up-blankie. Surely this will suffice for tonight. Wrong.

The problem with back-up-blankie is Tee can totally tell a difference and finds zero comfort in back-up-blankie. Tee and Catcher have the exact same blanket and Tee can even tell, in the dark, if we’ve mixed those up. Back-up-blankie was demoted last night to not-the-back-up-blankie-but-just-a-white-blankie-now. Ah, crap. What are we gonna do?

Thom and I started to look through every inch of the house. All the while, we hear sobs for the boys bedroom. Sigh, it’s an hour into bedtime and things are not looking good. Catcher had conked out and our usual sleeping Tee is just sobbing and whimpering. I went in there at one point to cuddle with him. He seemed frightened and lost. He buried into my chest and told me he missed his friend. He asked if his blanket was scared, if his blanket was in the dark somewhere looking for him. My hearts was BREAKING. I finally got up to look some more…and Tee went into hysterics. “Don’t leave me here in the dark, I’m so scared, I don’t have my friend here, please mommy, please!”…Yes, we had to find this blanket.

Discouraged and out of places to search, we gave up many times thinking this blanket will show up in the morn, but is such a lost cause tonight. Then we’d hear a little whimper from the dark bedroom and find more searching energy. Our house isn’t big and we had looked in every square inch. I sat down in the playroom defeated and began to slowly clean up, hoping it’d spark a new place to look. I turned over a small toy bucket and guess what was stuffed inside?!! Few moments have brought me the same spontaneous excitement as finding that blanket!!

Thom and I rushed Tee’s blanket to his room…wiped his tears with it and tucked one tired 3 year old in. Tee’s joy when seeing his long lost buddy was priceless to us. Priceless. No, seriously, you can’t buy his blankie. It will NEVER be for sale!!