I was baking our weekly batch of bread when the doorbell rang.


It was the mailman with a package.  Not a fun package, so I’m not here to bore you with that.  But while I was out there I also grabbed the mail.  And I was thinking how in the world do we go through 2 loaves of bread a week.  And really just for lunches.  And not all lunches.  We like to mix it up on the weekend.  And sometimes we do chips and dip for lunch with a side of frozen bananas.  The boys think they are ice cream treats.

So less than 7 lunches a week use up 2 loaves of bread with only 2 little boys eating this bread.  When my youngest starts eating lunch with the big boys, will I be making 3 loaves a week?  You know, my youngest with the smiley eyes?  Need a reminder?


And while I was day dreaming about my youngest with the smiley eyes, I walked by him and he said, “heeeeeey” at 10 weeks old from the bouncy seat.  I infrequently lie.


He seems to have grown up over night.  Soon he will be sporting the neon green dipe hanging out of his big boy cargo pants like his older brother.  The non potty trained one.  And the all important single rain boot.  He rocks that look.


The same older brother who smothers him with kisses.


But today, he is still sporting his little woolie booty.  Phew, thought I’d be making 3 loaves of bread next week because life is just moving that fast.


Getting back to what arrived today.  But first, did you know American Spirit tobacco company will send you $20 in gift certificates if you go to their website and ask?  Their tobacco is organic, additive and preservative free.  And before you say that doesn’t make tobacco any healthier, all I’m pointing out is pure ingredients matter.  Just like you don’t want wine full of sulfates.  No chemicals and/or fillers in the tobacco is a good thing.  And $20 of free gift certificates is a good thing.  Free money to enjoy moderation of a filler-free product.  This is what the gift cards look like.  Just for reference of course.  It’s not like I would ever have any use for them at all.  Anyway.


What did arrive today and was met with great excitement, and ironically right next to the gift certificates, were our new health insurance cards!!  There are FIVE names on there!  One, two, three, four, FIVE!


Oh it’s good to see all those names.  Good to see five.  Who knew our health insurance could make us happy.  Well, at least the little card did.  Five…