I really hate lunch.  It’s not the meal I hate, it’s the food at home.  BORING or too time consuming for the middle of the day.  I’m the mom now.  My days of having a mom make me a meal are over.  If I could eat out for every lunch, my life would be complete and perfect.  But the economist in me, and lack of such discretionary fundage, can’t justify eating out.

While I like sandwiches a lot, they tend to look like dinner.  Big, meaty ones…like corned beef and sauerkraut.  Oh delicious!  I’m more of a dinner for lunch girl.  I get really excited when there are dinner leftovers in my fridge.  I hoard them and hide them.  Thankfully, the rest of my family isn’t so picky and could really care less if I’m guarding my leftovers with a shiny sword.  They walk right on past me to the bread with a smear of PB and honey.

And how about that bread, eh?  I’ve gone through round after round of trying to make 100% whole wheat loaves.  They look beautiful.  For weeks.  Because no one wants to eat their dry, mealy slices.  It’s not good for you if you can’t even get it into you.  Something like that.

The bread recipe we’ve enjoyed for almost a year now comes from my best friend, Katy.  Just kidding, I’ve never met her.  But I do enjoy her perspective on life and writings on food.  You should check out her new site.  But, my tens of readers, finish reading this first.  And please don’t leave me for her site, tho tempting.  It’s healthy to have a good mix.

Alright, so it’s Katy’s whole wheat sandwich bread we use.  It’s a base of water, oil, honey and yeast with the flours and salt.  I like that when I’m running low or completely out of milk and butter, I can still make this bread.  It’s ingredients are always in my pantry.  Typically it seems “whole wheat” sandwich breads have 1/3 wheat flour to 2/3 white flour.  I just can’t handle those ratios.  The whole wheat MUST beat out the white.  I have found, down in FL, that I never need the extra 1/4c of white flour in Katy’s recipe and the cooking time is 30 minutes flat.  Try it for yourself, I tend to tweak everything.  I also assemble mine just a tad differently, but who knows if it’s really that important. I baked on Monday and we are down to our last half loaf (Thursday).  I see a lot of chips and dip for our future lunches this weekend.

And because I do eat at home and have to come up with something for myself for lunch, I have found a couple favorites.  To be a favorite you must be simple, fast and have a nutritional point.  If I could live on Odwalla Protein Monster, chocolate, I would.  Well, I sort of do.  I also really like the Back to Nature brand of whole wheat crackers (very similar to wheat thins) with some sharp white cheddar cheese.  Apple slices and peanut butter are also making the rounds.  And I am complete with a side of Blue Bell ice cream.  But before I grab that daily side of  ice cream (the best ice cream in the world and it’s from Texas), I ask myself if I should eat a PB and J sandwich instead.  Sometimes my thoughts turn into action and I will eat that boring sandwich.  And tend to really enjoy it.  As long as the jelly doesn’t have seeds and the bread is still soft.  Sigh.  See my problem here?