I am currently cloth diapering 2 kids.  One of those kidos, Catcher, is gonna be potty trained on his second birthday.  Happy birthday to mommy really.  Oliver, at 11 weeks old, still has some time.  We’ve been through our share of wipe solutions and back and forth on disposable vs washable wipes.  Our conclusion is this: use the same wipe solution for all, cloth wipes on the breastfed-only babe and disposable on the stinky poo babe.  I buy the Kleenex brand, select-a-size paper towels (in bulk when they go on sale) and separate each sheet to make a wipes stack.  This stack lasts about 2 weeks or more.  These are used at home for the stinky-poo-booty-Catcher and in the diaper bag for both kids when out of the house.  Currently I have these soap bits specifically for wipe solution, but there are many other ones on the market just as good.  When they run out, I’ll make my own solution at home.  However, they are so easy and great for really cleaning the diaper region.  I have 2 glass bottles that I measured out 4 cups into.  I now know where that line is and simply fill the empty bottle with hot tap water and drop in 4 solution cubes.  I let them dissolve and cool down on the counter, then store the bottles in the fridge.


On the dresser by the diaper station I set a regular kitchen bowl full of solution.  I like to use it up about daily, keeping the batches small and fresh.  With the solution in the fridge, it’s very easy to pour the daily amount.  We then dip whichever wipe we’re using into the bowl and wring out.


During a diaper rash, I’ll also have a small bowl filled with an olive oil and tea tree oil mix.  Once the babe is cleaned with the wipe solution, I use a cotton ball dipped in the oil mixture to kill the rash.  This has cleared diaper rashes in a day.


How cute is that wooden rattle?  It’s a treat for Catcher during diaper changes.

The cloth wipes for Olly are re-purposed flannel receiving blankets.  It’s about the best and only use those tiny blankets have.  I cut them into 8 inch squares, sewed them together wrong side out, then turned them right side out and completed all four edges.  They have held up well through 2 kids so far, make clean up easy and wash out well with Oliver’s cotton prefolds.


This system has worked well for our family.  The 2 weeks supply of disposable wipes (paper towels) cost about 50 cents a roll, the solution cubes are pennies and the cloth wipes are reusable.   It’s economical, healthy for their skin and most effective.  Booty wiping process, processed.  Check.