Just the tip you didn’t know you needed to today, yet do!  I was on the second round of ordering, receiving and returning my Hunter Boots because of bloom.  Bloom is the white, waxy coating that comes up on these boots from the natural latex.  It is, however, supposed to come up after they’ve at least been worn.  But I learned that in sunny, humid Florida, your beautiful boots will arrive with a bloom patina.  The climate just brings it out sitting on your doorstep.  Bummer.

I searched and researched for a simple way to make them shine again (or for the first time, in my case).  I didn’t have the UV stuff they recommend and am not about to run out to a boat store today for some solution that may work.  Warm water and mild soap did zip; thanks for that tip Hunter Boot website.  Finally I decided to fight oil with oil.  What’s the best way to pick up playdoh bits?  With more playdoh.  So following that methodology, I pulled out the olive oil and a soft rag…Please see the difference below!


They are not oily in the least either.  Just shiny and new looking and beautiful…and waiting for some weather they can be worn in.  Where my feet won’t sweat off.  Thank you Florida for 80 degree weather in November.  Not really.  I’m having a hard time being thankful when I have boots begging to be worn…yet my flip flops and Vibram FiveFingers are getting all the action.

And on a completely different note:  My middle child, Catcher, is taking a non-nap right now in his crib and has been yelling for the past 30 minutes that he has to go pee.  Doesn’t he know he has a diaper on?  Pop a squat son, pop a squat.  I’m debating going in there to let him know…nah, he’ll figure it out.