1.  Eat dinner before, just in case it’s my last meal of the day.

2.  Have some wine before and then following each bite of mystery food.

3.  Will act like I have a food allergy.  To all yellow casseroles.

4.  Eat the turkey/ham, crescent rolls and whatever I brought.  I try to bring a veggie so that I have somewhat of a balanced meal.

5.  If feeling daring and rash and down right outlandish will go for the green marshmallow, pineapple salad creation.  It’s typically a safe one considering all of it’s ingredients came from a can.  Then again, it’s green but not a veggie, so “safe” might not be the optimal word.

6.  Have a dessert wine in lieu of a dessert dessert.  Or rum cake.  Rum cake’s safe.  It’s rum.  Right?

7.  Talk and keep moving and after I’ve made the rounds, grab dinner.  At Chipotle.

…thus staying food-poison-free this holiday season.  Happy happy.  Merry merry.