I’m gonna try and get yall together to take a Christmas card pic.  Let me track the rest of yall down…don’t toss the pillows and keep your underwear on.  And when I put Oliver on the bed, I want you to make sure he doesn’t roll off.  And don’t crush him either.  Just try to smile and this will all be over quickly.

Tee: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Let’s hurry this up.  My cars aren’t gonna play themselves.

Pre-naptime was such the WRONG time.

Ok tiny team, let’s assemble.

I’m itchy.

Chins up.

Fingers out of your mouth/off your brother.

But wait, Catchy look up!

Look up AND stop crying…why are you crying?

Guys, don’t abandon Olly.  He’s falling.

Can you all just look at the camera.  Just once?

Tee and Catch:  You mean like this?

Very clever guys. (punks)  Oh forget it.  That’s a wrap.

Olly: That’s a wrap?  But I have nowhere else to be…

Miracle of miracles, we did get some good shots in our 15 minute photo shoot of chaos.  One may even make the Christmas card.  If the Christmas card even makes it.  But for what it’s worth, it was worth it…crazy boys.  Between the itching and the tears and the rolling over metal cars and the brother crushing, they were able to eek out a few smiles.