This morning (it’s still morning) it’s raining and Friday.  It’s not supposed to rain on Friday.  Wednesday is a wonderful day for rain.  A day to regroup, be cozy with a home day.

Thom and I have one main car that works and one car that barely works.  He missed the brake, or it got stuck, or something like that and hit a wall in the parking garage at work months back.  He is fine.  The car no longer has AC.  You need AC in Florida.  So that car just barely works.

On the days when he needs to be out and about in the heat, he takes my car and  the kids and I have a home day.  I made the mistake a few Friday’s ago of letting him take the car.  I was hitting the walls (figuratively) and thought I was going crazy all day.  Friday is a day to get out and use up any energy I reserved during the week for mommy-ing.  I love Fridays.  They feel different.

We have this magazine floating around our house that Tee is way too into.  There is a picture of a naked pregnant woman, painted.  It feels too early in life for these moments.  I’m not ready for this yet.  And just threw the magazine away.  Will that work when he is 16?

We’re all still in PJs.  So is Catcher.  PJs and boots. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t remember how wonderfully quirky he is.  But just to be sure, I take lots of pictures.

Olly has been smiling all morning.  He can stay awake for about 1.5 hours in the morn before he’s ready for the first nap of the day.  Rock on tired little bud.  I fell asleep while nursing him in bed this morn.  I woke up to him staring at me, finished with breakfast and giggling hysterically when I smiled back.  Oh man, it was the best.

The older 2 have turned my couch into a slide.  If you ask me, it doesn’t really work as a slide.  They don’t seem to care and are playing away over their, crushing my cushions and stomping on them.

When Thom and I were newlyweds, the first piece of furniture I wanted to buy was a couch.  After a slew of crappy ones in college, I was ready.  I’m still ready.  It’s been 7 years and we have yet to buy a couch!  The blessing is we’ve been given a couple couches along the way that have sustained us well.  And we’re not looking for new ways to spend money.  But a teensy weensy part of me wishes we were in a situation where we HAD to buy one…a girl can dream.  About a couch, not a rough situation.  All to say, maybe it’s better my boys aren’t crushing and sliding and stomping my beautiful gray velvet, fluffy couch with bright yellow accent pillows and dainty feet.

I know what you’re thinking: this girl is never gonna get a nice couch with all boys.  That’d be silly.  Who’s gonna tell her?  Not it.

I think we’ll make paper chains for the Christmas tree today.  And maybe some roll out Christmas cookies.  But I don’t have any white flour.  Or white sugar.  Only whole wheat and rapadura sugar.  And I’m not going to the store.  Drop cookies it is.  We’ll call them Christmas balls!