It’s been a home-day-Friday for myself and the baby boys.  Mainly because mama is EXHAUSTED and partly because it was raining this morn and then stopped raining to drop a humid and hot-as-balls January afternoon on us.  January.  I need seasons.

Not because I love how the cold air dries out my skin and makes my hair even flatter (yes, it’s possible), but because winter ushers in SPRING and the contrast is just that refreshing.  Starting anew.

We have but 2 seasons in Florida, 1) hot-as-balls and 2) pull-your-cute-sweater-out-quick-and-take-a-pic-QUICK-this-ain’t-gonna-last-but-a-day-QUICK.  I feel like we’re running the marathon of summer.

I’m exhausted, however, from a precious little almost 6 month old boy needing uber amounts of milk from his mama these days.  I am oh so happy to oblige, but know his days of solid foods are coming soon.

And to prepare for the start of solid food, Olly up and cut FOUR teeth.  His bottom two just last week and his top fang teeth 2 days ago.  I didn’t know the fang teeth could come in before the other top four teeth.  This may be a funny look for him.  I’m just amazed that his gums can be bleeding, yet this babe is giggling on and sleeping well.  Way to go Olly!

Olly is crawling around finding any shoe he can to sink his fangs into (get it?  I’m quite literal!).  The older boys are having a rough time with Ollies new crawling freedom.  It’s like-quick, grab your shoes.  And cars.  And animals.  And blanket.  Quick!  Before little brother chews on it!

But the older 2 got a cool wood shop table this morn and have been busy hammering away all day.  Olly has taken full advantage of the forgotten shoes 🙂

The home day has been nice.  We made wheat crackers this morn and the boys helped pick out cookie cutter shapes.  It’s a recipe from “More-with Less”, page 310.  I find them too sweet though and cut out all the brown sugar and almost all the molasses.  Still too sweet.  But the boys love them and besides the sweetener, they are full of all good, whole stuff.

At the request of a friend, I emailed her my favorite marinara sauce recipe, attached to my meatball recipe.  Anyway, so started the emails back and forth of, “do you double this?”, “no”, “but will this feed your whole fam?”, “yes, with leftovers”, “even with a pound of meat?”, “yeppers”, “I want to freeze extras”, “Maybe you should just double the recipe, just to be safe”.  I heart this friend…and think she’s pretty hilarious!

Shoe chewing, wheat cracker making, nail hammering, emailing and sweating…now that’s a typical January Friday in Florida!

And as I was writing to you, internet, I forgot about some coconut oil I was heating on the stove top to pop wheat berries in.  The house is filled with burnt coconut smelling smoke and as soon as the boys get up from naps, I will be taking them to the park so they can breath.  And to sweat their balls off.  In January.  Because, you know, in January Florida is, well…we’ve been over this before!