There once was a small cradle, all cozy and sweet. It was waiting for a precious babe in the corner of the big room.

And then, he arrived (!) and the cradle was full.  The cradle was happy.

The baby boy loved his small cradle, all fluffy and warm, and slept there almost 20 hours a day.

But then one day the baby boy began to roll about and get long and wiggly.

He would take naps on the big bed because he was getting so big.

And sometimes the cradle was sad. A change was coming, the baby boy was becoming a big baby boy.

And sure enough…one day…pom poms arrived.

With a big white canopy gently draping…

The big baby boy crib!

The big baby boy rocked with excitement,

And then found his thumb, needing comfort in his big bed.  He remembered his small cradle and smiled.

That is the story of how the baby boy outgrew his cradle.

Sweet cradle, you quietly nested our most precious bundle.  You kept him warm, rocked him gently and protected him mightily.  You are now waiting in the wings, waiting to usher in the next precious bundle.  Rest up, sweet cradle.  Lord willing, we will see you again.