holy experience

  1. Catcher’s red curls
  2. fingernail clippers
  3. a car that fits my family perfectly
  4. home days
  5. a way out
  6. their tender hugs
  7. that Olly found his thumb
  8. the way Tee’s voice hits the high notes when singing
  9. the clean kitchen this morning
  10. fresh water
  11. the silent “i love you” mouthed between boys
  12. a potty trained child
  13. warm sheets
  14. Olly’s canopy and the way it keeps his crib warm
  15. clean wool diaper covers, drying
  16. the clack clack clack of wooden cars racing
  17. the comfort their blanket’s bring
  18. a phone call from my man
  19. the low lighting at my desk top
  20. warm toes