Olly has been teething…and watching us eat…and being super interested.  Super.  This week he began his solid food adventure.  An adventure including, though not necessarily in the same bowl at the same time: avocado, beets, bananas and fermented cod liver oil.  Yummo.  He seemed to like it all (!) and has gobbled up each meal.  A meal portion is about half an avocado and a whole banana right now.  I’m just amazed at the sheer quanties this boy can kick back!

His teeth have been breaking through left and right…he’s been sporting his amber teething necklace aka miracle worker and knawing on some wooden rattles.  Together he has found much comfort.

Amber is a natural analgesic.  The opaque amber resin, when worn on the skin and warmed by the skin, emit small amounts of succinic acid which act as an anti-inflammatory.  It’s intended to be worn near the point of pain, not chewed on!  We have found it to really work for Olly…

The older boys have spent time making burrito rolls on the floor.  Their own creation and amusement for all.

The Florida citrus is so great right now!  Our favorite combo this week was 2 grapefruit to 1 orange…tasty tasty.

We did get out for a few errands.  And of course had to grab all our loot for even the shortest of outings.

But never out past nap time.  Oh how we love our nap time around here!