To expand on what we went over the other day, I thought I’d share a picture layout of how a wool crib mattress is protected and dressed.

We first layer our mattress with a breathable, waterproof wool puddle pad.  This rarely (if ever) gets washed.  It allows the mattress to breath well, yet stops any leaks from reaching the mattress and doesn’t hold smell.  It’s 100% wool and super soft.  I imagine we’ll use it as a blanket when done with the crib (tear).

Then, a thick cotton mattress pad (cotton chuck pad) is laid over the wool puddle pad.  This cotton pad is the “mattress pad” and absorbs fluids.  These pads are meant to be washed a lot and stand up over time.  We have these pads in twin and queen sizes as well and use them for our mattress pads.

Top  the ensemble off with a fitted crib sheet.  The crib sheet and cotton chuck pad are washed together, so it’s good to have extra’s of each of these.

Once all these layers are neatly tucked underneath a crib sheet, it’s time for a snug fit in the crib.  Notice, no gaps!

My spousal and I pulled the wool crib mattress onto the floor when it arrived to test it out…it just looked that comfortable!  Oh and it was…so much so, that when our memory foam topper went kaput, we replaced it with a wool topper for our queen mattress.  (It’s heaven) One day, see ya crummy coil and plastic and flame retardant queen mattress and hello all wool bedding.