41. our screened in porch to enjoy the fresh air inside

42. the choice words of Tee asking to “snuggle me and read a book to me”

43. the borrowed Costco membership from a friend today, life is easier when shared

44. Catcher’s new verbal clarity this week making for much better communication between us all

45.  our rental house, the one without any ventilation, does smell great EVERYWHERE when dinner is on the stove.  Good ventilation would make that impossible

46. our cars sunroof

47. jeans that fit

48. the best valentines gift ever-my man doing all my returns for me on Saturday.  No small feat.

49. some of the truths pinging off my heart actually making it in

50. mid-afternoon quiet time of crafts and dinner prep with Tee

51. how enjoyable a deeply cleaned bathroom is

52. finding Tee’s blankie outside by the car after fearing it may be lost

53.  Tee’s expression when it was found and his embrace of his friend

54. Oliver’s content persona

55. Catcher’s humor

56. needing fresh rosemary and actually having it in a pot on my doorstep

57.  ripe pears

58.  the clean kitchen floor

59. the chance to see Tee, for a brief moment, when he called out to go potty at 4am this morning

60.  how easily he went right back to bed

61. Ollies fang teeth don’t look as odd as we thought they might

62. a quiet corner to write in our smallish house

63. the ability to get to my children quickly because our house is small

64.  simplicity