65. wooden trains and tracks circling my living room

66. the smell of dinner

67. mashed sweet potatoes and a big baby boy belly

68.  inspiration to paint

69. the last coat of paint going on the buffet tonight

70.  a numb heart jumping into the word; a raw heart coming out

71.  the path laid out to draw a repentant heart from our children

72.  forgiveness

73. delight

74. piles of good books

75. wooden alphabet blocks

76.  home days Mondays

77. the perfect hardboiled egg (only Thom can attain)

78.  Thom thought to make me one before I got up this morn

79.  our big front window and lots of natural light

80.  instant free time after cable was cancelled (months ago, but perks are still just as sweet)

81.  family coming for a visit this week (!)

82.  a fluttering heartbeat on a friends ultrasound monitor this morn

83.  peanut butter

84.  clean clothes

85.  creative outlets