This lil booger had a lil fall today over a lil toy car.

And there was crying and swelling and blood and mass hysteria.  Which landed him in the lil kid dentist chair to see if his lil teeth were gonna make it.  30 minutes, 1 x-ray and ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS later…miracle of miracles, his teeth are gonna be just fine.

This lil fat lip didn’t take long to work up an appetite and lingered around with his lil doe eyes.

So I made the lil booger a power smoothie (blueberries, bananas, beets, coconut oil, almond butter, ground flax seed, raw honey, an egg yolk, herbal daily boost mix and raw milk kefir…did I leave anything besides the kitchen sink out?), and the lil booger was (almost) good as new.

PS: Pants cared for my other two lil boogers for a couple hours because she is lite on chaos in her life and I had a dentist bound, hysterical 3-year-old.  I owe her way more than $135…great friends are just priceless.